Eram Academy For Sports & Excellence

Eram Nagar, Prabhapuram

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To empower and excel students to acquire value based quality education providing an equal nurturing grounds for the overall growth and development of our students.


Our students are nurtured to be purpose oriented, empathetical, creative, reflective, cognizant, critical thinkers, collaborators, givers, strivers, and dot connectors.


Our teachers are trained first and foremost to be learners. They are coached to be empathetic, collaborative, creative, innovative and tech savvy. They are empowered with honesty, integrity, trustworthy, confidence, trustworthiness, commitment, inspiration and positive energy. At EASE, the teacher acts as a coach, a mentor, a motivator, a facilitator rather than a mere information supplier. Hence, we call them Inspiring Educators!


Parenting is an art; not a science. Successful Parent understands that, like themselves, their children aren’t perfect either. This frees them to love their children unreservedly.


Our Principal is a believer of EASE Philosophy and perspectives and is aligned with the values of our schools. He is the ambassador of the EASE methodology of nurturing world class leaders.


Our school adapts quickly and naturally to the ever changing global environment. It facilitates innovative thinking and supports multiple teaching strategies. It embraces student centric learning spaces, where the learners take active role in their learning.