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To empower and excel students to acquire value based quality education providing an equal nurturing grounds for the overall growth and development of our students.

Hygiene and Sanitation Committee (HSC)

Good Schools need Good Students and Good Students need Good Sanitation. Sanitation is at the core of human dignity and human progress. Access to sanitary toilets not only ensures dignity of the individual but also positively impacts health, well-being and productivity, reduces drop-out rates and encourages regular attendance in schools. Recognizing both the key significance of sanitation and the role of students as Agents of Change, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in collaboration with Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Urban Development and GIZ launched the National School Sanitation Initiative in 2009. The programme has gained momentum. Sanitation rating has been introduced and CBSE mandates all schools to get their ratings done. Other School Boards and individual schools are voluntarily joining the effort to provide good sanitation in schools! We, at EASE, also ensure clean, healthy and hygienic toilets on each floor with hand washing facilities for boys and girls separately in proportion to the number of students. The toilets for the primary students are separate from other ones. There are separate toilets for staff too. Signage boards are displayed prominently in front of the toilets of all categories. Adequate potable drinking water facility and sanitary napkin destroyers are also ensured on the floors.

Sl. No Name Domain Designation
1 Ms.Nisha Madhu Principal Chairperson
2 Ms.Shobhana Kumari Sr. Teacher Convenor
3 Ms.Soumya Front office Member
4 Mr.Radha Krishnan Academic Coordinator Member
5 Ms.Jisha Chandran M P Staff Council Secretary Member
6 Ms.Reshma Section Coordinator - Primary Member
7 Ms.Nabeela KG teacher Member
8 Ms.Sinimol CCA Member Member
9 Miss.Fathima Misbha Cultural Secretary- Easeans’ Council Member
10 Master Mohammed Adheel Assistant Head Boy- Easeans’ Council Member