Eram Academy For Sports & Excellence

Eram Nagar, Prabhapuram

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To empower and excel students to acquire value based quality education providing an equal nurturing grounds for the overall growth and development of our students.


EASE Campus is heralding positive developments in all fields by providing students with academic and moral excellence in an inspiring environment.

Our educational programmes are devised for the holistic development of our students. Our programme, therefore, addresses the physical, intellectual, emotional, imaginative and spiritual needs of our students in such a way that they achieve success in all walks of life. We strive for instilling divine morals and values effectively while ensuring excellence through integrated course content based on the curriculum of CBSE.


The Kindergarten, comprises of LKG and UKG, admits children aged 4 years and above. The school timing for the kindergarten section is from 10 AM to 4 PM. The school follows a 5 day week schedule.

We follow the ‘Kinder Delight’ programme developed in view of the fact that Kindergarten is the stage where the foundation for a child’s future is laid and hence take the utmost care to make this foundation strong and sturdy. A natural ambience in a student-friendly approach for learning is created where our little Easeans are engaged in the stress-free activities of learning. Our little Easeans are trained to acquire the linguistic and other life skills in a natural way.

A system of ‘Continual Informal Evaluation’ is followed which evaluates students based on periodic worksheets, classwork and observation session. An assessment report highlighting the various aspects of the child’s development is submitted to the parents biannually.

Primary & Secondary

The Primary & Secondary section comprises of classes from Grade I to Grade VIII. The minimum age for entry into Class I is6 years as on 30th June of the year the child is seeking admission. Admission to following classes increases by a year accordingly. The school timing for the Primary & Secondary section is from 10 AM to 4 PM. The school follows a 5-day week schedule.

The Curriculum is based on team work where the teachers are the facilitators for group discussions, projects as well as hands-on activities & experimentation.

Evaluation& Assessment

Promotion will be granted on the basis of the entire year’s performance of the student in the C.C.E (Continuous &Comprehensive Evaluation) which is a system of evaluation of students that takes a holistic approach to a student’s development.


We believe that purpose-oriented Students, Teachers and Parents can be fulfilled human beings who make positive changes in the world.


By adopting an organic approach that simultaneously develops children’s spiritual, imaginative, intellectual, emotional and physical domains.


Our programs and strategies for Students, Parents and Teachers empower them with 21st century skills and values to lead the world.

Organic Mode of Teaching and Learning

All students in a classroom are different, and they all have different needs and abilities and they learn differently. We make sure that all learners in the class are happy and satisfied with their surroundings, their teacher, and the curriculum. We focus on ‘human beings’ rather than ‘human doings’ by providing them with circumstances and conditions favorable to their holistic growth. Our Teacher Training Programs and subsequent retention and development programs focus on achieving this Organic teaching mode and learning environment; not the mechanical, one fits all approach.