Eram Academy For Sports & Excellence

Eram Nagar, Prabhapuram

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To empower and excel students to acquire value based quality education providing an equal nurturing grounds for the overall growth and development of our students.


A rich library, well equipped laboratories, an enviable grass padded playground and recreational activities, a canteen and a stationery store are part to a holistic and enjoyable learning experience. The quiet, peaceful location and student-friendly classrooms provide an ideal environment in pursuit of knowledge. We have always been at the forefront when it comes to innovative educational philosophy and teaching practices. Obviously the effort and the investment for continuous enhancement of the learning experience of the students made it different from other schools in the district. This open and scientific approach towards education has been paying off well with improved performance in academic and co-curricular activities.

  • Science lab

    We have a well-equipped separate Science labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology which offer a platform for scientific experiments and observations. Students make use of these labs for their practical and to equip for the science talent exhibitions. Theoretical knowledge when backed with by practical experiments can help the young ones to understand the basic premises faster and more easily. Children are provided with hands on experience to learn the scientific concepts with modern laboratory equipment and tools.

  • Computer lab

    Computer Education is imparted to the learners during the normal working hours. We have a well-supported computer lab where the students get hands on access to the information technology.

  • Library

    The Library is considered the brain of any school and it plays a key role, as a place in encouraging the students to be more innovative, curious and efficient. Our Library is a catalyst for literacy and reading and scaffolding inquiry learning. It is the central point for engagement with all kinds of reading, intellectual enrichment, access to information, knowledge building, deep thinking and lively discussion. We have a vast collection books about more than 4500 in number. A new Digital Library with multimedia resources and supervised access to Internet is on the anvil to be put up to give exposure to the students to the international educational scenario at similar levels.

  • Auditorium

    We have a very spacious auditorium which can accommodate around 600 people which is being fully utilized by the students for morning assembly, debates, seminars, day observation activities, indoor functions and meetings, regular motivational and awareness sessions etc. and other extracurricular activities.

  • Training & Mini Conference Hall

    We have set up a multipurpose Air conditioned mini Conference Hall which is being utilized for conducting different programmes of teachers, students and parents.

  • Mathematics Lab

    We have got a supportive Mathematics Laboratory where students can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. Games, puzzles and other geometrical teaching and learning materials are provided. The lab provides an opportunity for the students to discover Mathematics through doing which help students to visualize, manipulate and reason.

  • Activity Room

    Activity rooms are designed keeping in mind the various needs of the plethora of activities provided by the school. We believe that ‘Art’ is the form of any activity performed to express its inner self. Students are encouraged and facilitated for sketching and painting.

  • Classrooms

    Our classrooms are properly lit and ventilated with a floor area of around 500 square feet each. There is one room for each class and the minimum floor space is more than 1 square meter for each student.

  • Eco-Friendly Campus

    We have set up Solar panels (25 KV) and E-Toilets at our campus as initiatives towards maintaining the campus energy efficient and environment friendly.

  • Playground

    We have a vast grass padded play ground where the students go for their physical exercises. We lay emphasis on physical education and physical fitness. Apart from learning the intricacies of various games, sports and physical education, the students develop stamina & endurance that is so essential to be able to get away from a sedentary way of life and develop the spirit of sportsmanship.The school also offers chess and minor games facilities. Rigorous training on football, shuttle badminton, Kho-Kho, martial arts etc. are also ensured.

  • Kids Recreational Park

    We have a very safe and enriching play area for our little Easeans of the KG wing where they are engaged in different activities on various kids-rides. The presence of teachers/ ayas are also ensured for the safety of the children while they are at their physical and mental enjoyment.

  • Sports & games room

    A separate room for sports and games is set up at the school campus from where the students can collect the required equipment for their physical exercises and games.

  • Security & Surveillance Camera

    Security arrangements are made to ensure security of students, teachers and other employees, building and materials in the campus. The school campus and major areas are under electronic surveillance.