Eram Academy For Sports & Excellence

Eram Nagar, Prabhapuram

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To empower and excel students to acquire value based quality education providing an equal nurturing grounds for the overall growth and development of our students.

Dr. Siddeek Ahmed

Chairman’s Message

Education is the silent revolution for liberation. It is considered the physical, intellectual, imaginative, emotional and spiritual development of each child. Eram group is committed to provide value based quality education to every student irrespective of religion, gender, caste, class and creed. We believe that the physical strength of the child leads to pleasant presence of mind as well as positive spiritual consciousness, which will finally shape the child as best citizen in the society. EASE will continue the lights in moulding talented children and inculcate in them sublime values. EASE aims to provide healthy body and mind to the children and to contribute best citizens for the nation. EASE makes whole hearted efforts to provide all facilities and opportunities year by year, to our student for their all-round development together with imparting moral principles, which would make them true citizen of our country. These students not only strive for the academic excellence but also to be sensitive to the needs of the unfortunate and less privileged people residing in their neighborhood.
May God Almighty bless us all!